Myths and Misconceptions People have About Taking Shower Soon after Getting a Spray Tan

Many people feel messy after spray tanning and immediately showering. Others like to take their time bathing the next night or perhaps a few days later. Showering immediately after tanning is generally recognized to do more damage than good since it removes the color of the tan. There are various more myths about bathing after tanning that has been debunked. While spray tanning has made the tanning experience easy for people, some still refrain from going to spray tanning salon near me owing to misconceptions.

Let’s have a look at them to determine which ones make logical sense and which don’t.

Myth #1: Showering immediately after tanning will remove your tan.

This notion has persisted for many years and is just false. The fact is that in order to achieve a beautiful tan, you must use a tanning lotion that will never wash off your skin. It gets soaked into the skin and remains there for a while. You will create a small amount of perspiration after tanning, but that is all. There’s no need to shower straight away because water has no effect on your tan.

Myth #2: Showering immediately after tanning might cause skin discoloration.

This is another misconception that has persisted for centuries. The fact is that showering immediately after acquiring a tan will not discolor your skin. If you didn’t shower before tanning, there’s a chance you’ll get a stain, but not if you shower afterward. As a result, several tanning clinics provide a lotion after tanning. This moisturizer will help you maintain your tan for a longer amount of time.

Myth #3Showering immediately after tanning might result in skin issues.

Like myth #2, this tale has no verified reality. It has not been shown scientifically that bathing immediately after tanning harms your skin. You do not need to put off showering for several hours or even until the next morning. Shower whenever you want as long as you don’t use harsh soap or hot water. You may also use a mild soap right after tanning as long as it is chemical-free.

Myth #4: After tanning, your pores will be open, and you must not shower.

When your capillaries are open, your skin absorbs the lotion you put on it, which is good. If you don’t use abrasive soaps or body washes for the remaining of the day, your pores will shut. Even if your pores are open, you need not be concerned about bathing immediately after tanning.

The First Shower

According to the study, most people will take their first shower the same day they choose to tan or sunbathe. It is optional, as many people think, to wait a few days before taking your first shower. Waiting a few weeks will not change anything. It’s not like going swimming.

The contrary is true: the more you delay, the more damaging your skin will be. Waiting a few days before taking your first shower can allow your pores to expand, inflicting further damage to your skin.

You will not have irritation if you take a shower on the day you want to tan. It is common to practice, and it is always safe. The main issue is that some individuals take it immediately after sunbathing because they do not want to sweat but also because the tanning lotion they use has a strong odor.

Experience the Reputable Tanning Salon

If you want a fantastic tan that appears like you spent hours on the beach, tanning sessions at automated spray tanning booth can help you acquire the ideal tan much faster. This can aid in the prevention of sunburns and tanning disorders. The easiest method to do this is to go to a tanning clinic that has a reputation for providing high-quality, safe tanning treatments.

A quality tanning salon will feature a welcoming ambiance, top-of-the-line tanning beds, a friendly and competent staff, and a comprehensive choice of tanning treatments. The skincare brand will be all-natural, using organic products and avoiding harsh chemicals. You can also get all the tanning items you want for tanning and after tanning at reasonable pricing.